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Land and Online Casinos Myths - Awareness is a Key to Success

So, today is a big day! Today you gonna win that desirable fantastic jackpot! You’ve being prepared for this day several months, you’ve learnt all the rules and game strategies, you know all the tips and tricks. But wait…What is there is your pocket? Is it…a rabbit’s foot?

There are so many gamblers, who avoid to play gambling games, when they gave no their lucky charms with themselves. A desperate thought ‘I’ve left it at home’ makes them do not even think to make a bet – they are sure that the fortune is not at their side, because there is no way to attract it. It may sounds a little bit stupid, but even very skillful players refuse to play when they lack their talismans or have forgotten about some of their lucky rites. Others play only at lucky casinos. For instance you can visit Platinum Play Australia, it's a lucky one. Many players won lots of money there, and you can be the next one to hit a jackpot. Why some people are so preoccupied with this lucky bringing stuff? Are they just so self-unconfident or does the casino magic really exist?

You can try to find some of the magic aspects playing at some of the well-known online casinos. If you do not believe that magic and lucky rituals can help you with the winning, we recommend that you visit some of the reliable gambling guides which provide information on game rules and strategies which help to win them. A good choice for you will be to visit as here you’ll find all what is needed for good gambling, starting from the most popular games and up to bonuses for playing online. Besides, here are some tips for winning games, don’t you miss them!

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  • Lucky Spells Some lucky spells, used by live casino players, are frequently used by people who prefer to enjoy gambling at online casino.
  • Lucky Charms The most famous live and online casinos lucky charms include a four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot and the 7-sign.
  • Bad-Luck Bringers Among the recognized bad-luck bringers, the broken mirror and the black cat are known to be the scariest ones.

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There are two types of people – those who believe in myths and superstitions and those who do not. Among the casino players there a lot of those who prefer to think that there are ways to attract the luck. It can be explained by very simple fact - almost all the casino games require a lot of luck, so if there are some way to attract it, why not to use them? Almost all lucky talismans used at casinos are used by not gamblers, who believe in different superstitions in common life. The most wide-spread talisman among the gambler is so called lucky underwear. Of course, each player has its own. Also people, who played with the games, that use number, usually have their lucky numbers, so do not be confused, when al old woman at your roulette table always makes bet at seven. It just means, that 7 is her lucky number, at least she believes it does.

For those, who believe in good and bad luck it will be quite interesting to read about things which may fix your bad luck, in case you think that it is necessary. You should know what to do when the black cat crossed your way and today is Friday 13th and you make a bet in casino.

We hope that with the help of our website you forget about all bad signs, which may confuse you and spoil your mood. Just keep in touch with your mind and follow your desires, but not false forewarnings!


It's the Chinese, which are recognized to have the greatest number of gambling superstitions in the entire world. They will never use the live casino's main entrance, or choose casinos online with an "unlucky" name.

Gambling superstitions should be perused by live and online casinos gamers in order to avoid misunderstanding. Sounds interesting? Find out more!

About Us provides the readers with full review of the most common gambling superstitions and specific myths, which may be encountered by players.

Moreover, the articles also feature essential facts, concerning possible strategies of fixing one's luck in order to swell a person's winnings, like feng shui, visualization and affirmative thinking technique, for instance.

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