Bad-Luck Bringers - What Scares Fortune

Superstitions vs. Cynicism

When it comes to gambling, even the greatest skeptics ever have to admit the fact that it's not about acquired skills, or special techniques, but rather about luck, which tends to influence the game's result.

Therefore, the gamblers' unbearable desire to become much luckier and in such a way increase their profits doesn't look ridiculous at all. In fact, it's really logical, even if this word sounds a bit inappropriate, as most cynical people or agnostics will be noticed praying sometimes, if they see any minute chance of getting rich in such a way.

Regarding the majority of gambling superstitions, they presuppose a great deal of specific rituals, which are advised to be conducted in order to attract as much luck as possible, in addition to various lucky amulets and mojos, the usage of which is, actually, aimed at hitting jackpots, whenever one wishes.

Famous Luck-Frighteners

Nevertheless, even taking into consideration the probable usefulness of popular lucky charms and spells, many gamblers forget about the so-called bad-luck bringers, which can frighten their luck off. In such a case, it will definitely require one's incredible efforts to bring it back.

Therefore, all superstitious players are suggested to study the list of the common bad-luck bringers, in order to avoid their future disappointment, or even frustration. These are considered to be the following:

A black cat crosses one's way.

Dating back to the medieval times, when black cats were associated with witches, the superstitions, concerning poor animals are still urgent.

In particular, if the gambler sees a black cat, crossing his/her way, he/she is suggested to stay away from playing at that very day at least.


One is wearing black.

It's commonly believed that black is a colour, symbolizing grief, so the players shouldn't wear it, if they wish to win.

At the same time, according to Chinese superstitions, for example, it's good to wear red clothes, if one is willing to enhance his/her profits.

A mirror is smashed.

Any mirror's being broken is generally famous as a horrible sign in all spheres of people's lives, whereas in gambling it remains one of the 100% bad-luck bringers.

Therefore, if one's mirror is smashed, it's always advised not to gamble at all, at least until time passes (usually a day, or two).

One is counting money at the gambling table.

Among other bad-luck bringers, this one was introduced to the gambling world by the Chinese, who are absolutely confident of the fact that money should be counted outside the casino, or elsewhere, just not directly at the playing table.


One's touching his/her shoulder, while gambling.

Thanks to the Chinese, this superstition has also gained popularity among players from other countries. According to it, if one is willing to continue winning, he/she shouldn't touch any of his/her shoulders.

Don't Go Too Far

In a nutshell, there might also be defined specific bad-luck bringers, which work for a particular person only, and, of course, not all of the general bad signs have already been explored. Nevertheless, if one is too scared of them, it's probably better for him/her not to gamble at all, as, eventually, it's the exciting experience, which the playing process should bring, not only the profits.

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