Birth Lucky Numbers - Born to Lose or Win

Reaching for Luck

Undoubtedly, no matter what some passionate players might insist on, it's rather one's luck, than his/her techniques and specific skills, gained through practical experience, which predetermines the game's outcome.

In this respect, no matter how hard we try to win by means of either common, or our unique methods, like card counting, for instance, it's mostly our being lucky, or in some cases unlucky, which influences the winnings. Here, although one's luck is proved to be quite an independent lady, the people's efforts, aimed to attract it, whenever it's necessary, will, perhaps, never decrease.

Successful Numbers

With the appearance of gambling numerology, the players' desire of finding out their lucky numbers has unbelievably swelled, and the birth lucky numbers are nowadays believed to be one of the real ways to win more.

The method of distinguishing the gamblers' birth lucky numbers turns out to be pretty simple. Its essence lies in addition of all the digits in one's date of birth, until a one-digit number is left. For example, if a person was born on the 25th of May, he/she should count in the following way:

1) 25+5=30 2) 3+0 = 3. In this particular case, the lucky number is 3.

According to their birth lucky numbers, the gamblers are advised to bet in practically the same ways as with their name lucky numbers, choosing the winning combinations only.

What to Beware

Nevertheless, there have been defined certain personal gambling characteristics, depending on which birth lucky number a person has. These are recognized to comprise the following ones:

#1: People are usually fortunate as gamblers, unless they are too absorbed in the playing process and tend to increase their bets all the time.

#2: If one has 2 as his/her lucky number, he/she should choose the game variations, where intuition and patience are most required.

#3: People take the gambling process too seriously; therefore, they're advised to stay calmer, while playing in order to avoid exceeding amounts of stress.

#4: If one has 4 as his/her lucky number, he/she will definitely succeed in gambling, no matter what game is chosen, although slots appear to be the luckiest variant.

#5: People are generally fortunate in winning in all games of luck, including slots, roulette, or card games, like blackjack. At the same time, they should mind that there's a good chance of their becoming gambling addicts.

#6: If one has 6 as his/her lucky number, he/she is recognized to be successful in gambling, but in case if luck seems to turn away, he/she is advised to stop playing immediately.

#7: Games of luck aren't likely to bring such people much success and money.

#8: If one has 8 as his/her lucky number, he/she is advised not to gamble at all, if he/she is interested in saving money.

#9: It's better for such people not to stop betting, even if one of the bad-luck bringers has been noticed, as their luck will definitely return back soon.

Stay on the Ground

All things considered, although numerology is generally based on scientific approach to things, it's really hard to suggest that it has proved to work, as far as gambling is concerned. Therefore, people are usually recommended to remain reasonable, regarding the usage of their name, or birth lucky numbers in betting.

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