Blackjack Myths - What to Beware

Much due to the fact that blackjack is today recognized as one of the most famous gambling games of the world, the number of people, who become interested in learning all ins and outs of all its alternations, gradually grows.

Notably, all the beginners, eager to turn into professional blackjack players, are somehow seeking for all possible tips, advice, or specific gambling rites, which will help them increase winnings to an enormous extent. Unfortunately, it's unbelievably hard for freshmen to avoid being misled by a great variety of blackjack myths, which resemble the actual truth, and, nevertheless, are false in their entity.

The Diversity of Misleading Paths

As for the most spread blackjack myths, they might be distinguished as the following:

  1. Advantage play is a key to win.

    BUT either card counting, or shuffle tracking can prove their being beneficial and advantageous only in case, if an experienced gambler is playing. Moreover, even if one possesses excellent sight and observation skills, these strategies don't happen to work in the long run.

  2. Insurance should be taken to protect one's money.

    BUT it turns out, that despite sounding very tempting and trustworthy, taking insurance has been proved to be one's of the most unreasonable moves, that a player can take. Therefore, the vast majority of analysts suggest that insurance is never taken.

  3. Players, having joined the table in the middle of the game, can reduce one's chances to win.

    BUT there's no actual evidence that the game's result is dependent on when other gamblers join the blackjack table. It appears more about one's own luck and his/her knowing the basic blackjack strategy, than any side factor, which influence the possibilities to win.

  4. If the dealer has the deuce as the 1st card, the player is likely to lose.

    BUT it's actually possible that the dealer easily busts, if he/she turns out to have the 2nd card, valuing "10". At the same time, it's rather ace or a ten, which add considerable benefits to the dealer.

  5. Basic blackjack strategy guarantees one's winnings.

    BUT although, playing according the basic strategy in live and online blackjack is beneficial for players, it can't completely assure one that he/she will win, as, despite all relevant blackjack myths, it's is known to be a game of luck.

  6. Knowing the peculiarities of the notions, like gambler's fallacy and a bad-player's curse, can make one win.

    BUT none of the blackjack secrets and superstitions have ever proved true-to-life in 100% of cases.

It's, undoubtedly, useful to stay aware of the major blackjack myths in order to prevent the gambler from getting the works. On the other hand, believing in the possibility that this can guarantee one's winnings is, perhaps, the biggest blackjack myth ever.

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