Blackjack Secrets - Ways to Win, or Mere Lie?

It's true that all blackjack variations nowadays belong to the team of the most famous gambling games in the world, which has already gained millions of devoted fans and admirers within the years of its history.

Hence, such fame couldn't but lead to the development of particular strategies, which are supposed to help players to win as much, as possible. In addition to them, there have also appeared numerous blackjack secrets and superstitions, which although being irrational in nature, still managed to attract people's attention and convert many of them into devoted followers. That is, obviously, influenced by the human natural desire to use all disposable means to win, which will somehow satisfy our predetermined desire to show our superiority and being the best, and, of course, earn some money.

What the Beliefs Are

When speaking about blackjack secrets and superstitions, these are, certainly, of the same nature, as the common gambling superstitions, equally spread among the players from different parts of the world. They are known to be the following:

  • Gambler's Fallacy

    Gambler's Fallacy, in general, presupposes a player's necessity to increase his/her bets, if the previous one has won, and vice versa, decrease them, if the previous ones have lost.

    This blackjack superstition has been occasionally proved to work, still there's no official evidence of its being related to all situations, especially taking consideration the fact, that blackjack is famous to be a game of luck.

    Moreover, some gamblers have modified this superstition and follow the opposite strategy, e.g. tend to increase their bets, when start to win. Those explain such moves by the belief, that as long as luck is by their side (the bets are winning), all chances to increase profits should be used.

  • A Bad-Player Curse

    A Bad-Player Curse is, perhaps, the most contradictory one, among other blackjack secrets. Its essence lies in the ability of a player's bad luck to spoil other's luck as well, if they're gambling at one table.

    True, or not, such a belief in is well-working as a kind of justification of the fact, that a certain gambler isn't successful in winning as much, as he/she is willing to.

  • Women's Bad Luck

    Fortunately, a blackjack superstition, presupposing a woman's being one of the bad-luck bringers, is longer believed to work. Therefore, the amount of women, being as passionate about playing the game, as men, is nowadays truly amazing.

  • Lucky Charms

    As with any other game, lucky charms turn out be one of the most widely-spread blackjack secrets and superstitions. These, in particular, comprise the common charms as well as each player's unique ones, and are used by live blackjack, as well as online blackjack admirers.

Stay Reasonable

In a whole, no matter whether one is a mere rookie, or an experienced player, he/she can easily get under the influence of any of the above-described blackjack secrets and superstitions. Nevertheless, common sense always remains a matter of a prior importance, so any irrational believes should be generally considered just one of the ways to have fun, while playing.

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