Chinese Superstitions - A Huge Volume of Precautions

The Most Superstitious Nation Ever

Latest research reveals that in comparison with other world's nationalities, the Chinese happen to be much more superstitious, versatile rituals and omens being involved even in their mundane routine.

No wonder, that Chinese gamblers are also considered the most superstitious among all, being absolutely confident of the fact, that luck can be easily attracted by means of particular gambling rites, or, on the contrary, be frightened off.

Immense Choice

Therefore, the number of modern Chinese superstitions, as far as the playing process in concerned, is completely immeasurable, most of them being common for people of this nationality. At the same, the most widely-spread and famous among them are distinguished as the following ones:

  • Lucky Numbers

    This is, perhaps, the most essential one, among the other Chinese superstitions, and presupposes the importance of choosing only so-called lucky numbers to bet on, unless one isn't scared of being doomed to bad luck.

    Notably, according the Cantonese culture and language, the numbers "3", "6", "8" and "9"are considered successful in gambling, the combinations, such as "168", "998" being also believed to bring luck, whereas the best combination is known as "888".

    At the same time, "4" (which sounds very much alike to "die" in Cantonese) is considered to be one of the bad-luck bringers, the combinations like "14", being generally avoided to bet on.

  • Lucky Rituals

    The Chinese are globally famous for their versatile gambling rites, the most common of which comprise the following ones:

    1. Wearing red underwear only.
    2. Turning on the lights, when leaving an apartment or a hotel room for a casino.
    3. Avoiding touching others' shoulders during the gaming process.
    4. Staying away from nuns, monks, or the main casino entrance.
    5. Abstaining from living in hotel rooms, which have unlucky numbers.
  • Lucky Spells

    In addition to versatile lucky charms, brought by gamblers to the casinos, Chinese superstitions also include particular lucky spells, which should be uttered before playing, in order to win more. These majorly comprise special payers to God and the mighty forces of the Universe, which are asked for help, regarding the result of the game.

  • Feng Shui

    As the Chinese are known to be the developers the Feng Shui culture in general, it appears quite obvious that its usage in gambling belongs one of the most popular Chinese superstitions.

Is the Amount Important?

All things considered, despite the fact that the Chinese might be easily named the record-holders, regarding the number of gambling superstitions they have, it hasn't been proved yet, that people of this nationality have won much more, than those living in Europe, for instance. That's, perhaps, so, because, none of the specific rituals or charms have ever proved to work in all cases.

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