Craps Superstitions - Keeping the Lady Luck Beside

It's often believed that the craps players' community is much more segregated from the whole global one, the latter including people, enjoying blackjack, roulette and many other gambling games, while those, completely devoted to craps, are somewhat a closed society, with its own traditions.

Certainly, not anyone, playing craps, is known to be a part of the fan-club, but the experienced gamblers tend to develop the basic winning strategies, along with which there exist a wide range of craps superstitions, which are known to bring either good or bad luck to players.

What to Expect?

Among the trifles, which happen to be frequently important, as far the game's successful outcomes are considered, versatile lucky charms may be mentioned. These, as in case with general gambling superstitions, usually comprise some globally famous trinkets in addition to one's own exquisite trifles, which once have brought him/her luck.

In addition to that, there're also distinguished a number of precautions, which the players mind, not to be trapped in the nets of bad luck. These are famous to be the following:

  • Avoid uttering "7". In terms of this one, among the other craps superstitions, any gambler is advised to avoid saying "seven" aloud, as this may cause all the bets lose. Instead, uttering "big red" is suggested.
  • Throw dice with one hand only. In fact, it's believed to be quite essential for gamblers, being aware of the craps superstitions, not to throw a dice from one hand to another before the play, if they're interested in winning.
  • Don't play with the dice, which has fallen off the table. The essence of this craps superstition is crystal clear. It's considered one of the bad-luck bringers to pick up the dice, which has fallen from the table and play with it.

Don't Miss the Game

Likewise other gambling games, playing craps is accompanied with numerous mysteries, which can't but add to its incomparable charm. Moreover , the existing craps superstitions only increase this charm and turn the gaming process into an absorbing adventure, where a great deal of peculiarities should be kept in mind, in order not to lose. Despite this, the question, regarding whether it's good to stick to all the good-luck rituals and avoid the bad luck ones, remains on the agenda, as it's often hard to miss the game itself, while being afraid to do something in the wrong way.

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