Feng Shui - Beneficial Ancient Wisdom

Obviously, the first beliefs and superstitions, connected with the notion of luck, date back to the ancient times, and weren't then even related to the gambling process. Nevertheless, in search of extra ways of winning more, a great number of players often turn to the prehistoric wisdom, which is believed to comprise numerous secrets, and sacred clues to success, no matter what sphere of life it's applied to.

In terms of gambling, it's the 20th century, which revealed a wide range of new methods of fixing luck to the western civilization, which, at the same time, had been already commonly used by the representatives of the Asian nationalities.

Harmony is a Key

Here, among such methods, which are, unfortunately, often treated as mere Japanese, or Chinese superstitions, feng shui, for instance, has proved to work in many cases, and is nowadays used by a considerable number of players in order to make their lives and gaming practices more harmonious, clean their gambling karma and, eventually, win a fortune with the help of Universe and its immense powers.

According to feng shui, it's the nature and the Universe, which influence one, and it's one him/herself, which can change his/her luck, by following the core natural and universal laws, most of which presuppose the achievement of total harmony between the individual and his/her surrounding, by means of modifying his/her internal self and the environment.

Notably, the philosophy of feng shui distinguishes several kinds of luck, some of which can be changed by the player, while other ones - can't. These are recognized to comprise the following:

  • Heaven Luck (Tien) is completely independent from the person and includes one's date and place of birth, or parents, for instance.
  • Earth Luck (Ti) may be defined as the so-called "current luck", which can be changed to better, by attracting additional energy from the Universe. The techniques usually contain changes in one's apartment, car and office (all things should occupy their appropriate places, furniture and walls in different areas should be properly coloured, for example).

    If a person succeeds in improving his/her Ti, none of the bad-luck bringers will prevent him/her from winning.

  • Mankind Luck (Ren) is a kind of luck, which is attracted to people, who are curious about the world around them, are always willing to learn more and improve themselves, in order to become better not only in gambling, but in all aspects of their lives as well.

All things considered, it's true, that feng shui isn't favoured by many conservative people, who prefer to stick to the famous charms, or spells, when trying to attract their luck. Nevertheless, it might turn out truly advantageous for everyone, who's willing to try something new and unknown.

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