Gambling Myths - To Trust, or Not to Trust

It's obvious, that all beginners tend to align their first practice with advice, received from other, more experienced players, or any different sources, like press, or versatile internet articles, which are nowadays available for everybody, who is willing to learn.

Nevertheless, it frequently happens so, that together with useful information, provided to gamblers, there also exist a number of gambling myths, like roulette myths, for example, which can easily misguide and totally confuse the rookies, or even lead to loss of their money.

In this respect, it turns out unbelievably essential to differentiate reality from the common gambling myths, which although may sound as truth, are, actually, mere lie.

Stay Aware

The most popular among the ridiculous, and still, widely-spread gambling myths are recognized to contain the following ones:

  • MYTH 1. Casino owners have special vicious devices, like those, able to lift one edge of the roulette table, if necessary, which prevent a certain amount of gamblers of winning, in order not to lose much money.

    In Reality: There, of course, exists the notion of house edge, and it's true that in the long run it's rather the casino, not the player, who wins more. Nevertheless, none of the special vicious devices have ever been noticed.

  • MYTH 2. Casino owners release additional amounts of oxygen into the air inside, so that the gamblers feel happy and willing to play more and more.

    In Reality: One's intolerable desire to continue gambling depends on him/herself only, not on the additional oxygen, or something else. Besides, no extra oxygen is known to be released in casinos.

  • MYTH 3. Having lost much money, one can return back all of it, by increasing the next bet up to the total value of the previous ones, which have lost.

    In Reality: First of all, there's hardly ever, or better to say, never, a 100% guarantee that one's particular bet will win. Secondly, each casino has stable bet maximum for every game variation available, so if the player is eager to bet $1 million, he/she won't be able to.

  • MYTH 4. Following all necessary gambling rites is a way to win much more and in such a way become inconceivably rich.

    In Reality: No matter what game alternation is considered, none of the gambling superstitions, including rituals, lucky spells, or lucky charms, have ever proved working in all cases, therefore, they're still recognized by experts as simple options to make the gambling process more entertaining.

There can be certainly defined more gambling myths, which can also take a huge toll on one's gambling future. Therefore, all beginners are generally advised to be especially careful about the information, they hear, or read, if the source isn't trustworthy enough.

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