Gambling Rites - Fetching Luck

Sacral Human Nature

Undoubtedly, the sacral nature of the human society first revealed itself back in the ancient times, at the dawn of the history of mankind, in versatile tribal rituals and pagan traditions.

As for today, although the progress has reached its highest levels in all spheres of people's lives, our aspiration for various rituals hasn't disappeared anywhere, being expressed implicitly, rather than directly. The only exception is, probably, connected with African tribes, the members of which are still involved in specific sacral procedures, like ritual gods-worshiping dances, for instance.

An Array of Gambling Options

The vast majority of modern casino players, at the same time, are the civilized people, whose special gambling rites are majorly influenced by their desire to win, by means of attracting luck. Likewise popular blackjack or roulette secrets and superstitions, these are also common for different nations, nevertheless might also include unique procedures, based on one's own personal experience.

The most famous gambling rites may be easily differentiated according to the aspect of timing:

  • those, conducted before going to the casino;
  • those, conducted during the playing process.

As for the first group of gambling rites, these might include the following ones:

  • Cooking a so-called "lucky meal".

    This usually comprises particular dishes, or simply includes certain food, which is supposed to make a gambler win more. Here, the choice of foodstuff is really immense and primarily depends on what the gambler had eaten the last time before he/she won a considerable sum of money.

  • Wearing "lucky clothes".

    In this respect, not only the particular clothes, such as socks, sweaters, or even underwear, matter. It's also about the colour of clothes, which the gambler is wearing, which is believed to influence the game's outcome.

  • Bathing

    It frequently happens so, that the player prefers not taking a shower before going to the casino, as is confident of the fact, that it'll bring him a fortune. At the same time, some people choose the opposite, and prefer taking a foamy bath to attract their luck.

Once the casino has been entered, there comes the time for the second group of gambling rites to be conducted. These, in particular, include the following:

  • Talking to the slot machines, one is playing. Among other slot superstitions, this is probably the weirdest, and yet the most widely-spread one.
  • Walking around the table for a particular number of times, this number being dependent on one's previous lucky gambling experience. Moreover, the direction of walking (clockwise or counterclockwise) may also differ.
  • Usage of versatile lucky charms.

    It both concerns the common knowledge and the gambler's own experience, when a certain trifle is chosen among possible lucky charms. As for their usage during the playing process, they may be considered working if either being hidden, or, on the contrary, only if held in hand.

As for the above-mentioned gambling rites, these aren't the only ones, used by players to attract luck and in such a way increase their winnings. Therefore, everyone can easily figure out his/her own unique rituals, which will definitely make him/her affluent. Nevertheless, it's always essential to remember that all rituals are no more, than gambling superstitions, so it'd be wrong to expect them work all the time.

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