Lucky Charms - Mojos Bring Profits

Options Vary

It's certainly so that the number of modern myths in the gambling world is nowadays totally striking. Moreover, there constantly appear much more superstitions, which attract many players' attention and are further regarded as the so-called lucky signs and rituals, no matter if it's a land-based casino, or an internet site, one is gambling within.

Being rather versatile, the most popular gambling superstitions comprise a wide range for options available for gamblers, although not all of these are suitable for every game, like particular rituals concerning slots, which can barely be applied to blackjack, or roulette, for instance, unless one is willing to look like a fool. Nevertheless, it's the numerous lucky charms, which tend to be used by practically all passionate gamblers, and are believed to attract one's luck, whenever it's needed.

Charming Amulets

Not even taking into consideration some unique personal lucky charms, there might be defined a huge array of those, which are equally famous among the majority of people. These can work when being either hidden in one's pocket, or, on the contrary, shown openly to the gambling public.

Generally speaking, the popular lucky charms and amulets include the following ones:

  • Charm Bracelets

    These are considered being lucky, especially if one's large winnings were gained, while he/she was wearing a certain bracelet.

  • Lucky Candles

    In order to make candles lucky, some gamblers burn them beforehand at home and then bring them to the casino.

  • A Rabbit's Foot

    This one is, perhaps, the most famous among other globally recognized lucky charms, which is likewise mentioned in the lists of blackjack, or roulette secrets, for instance, and is often carried in the gamblers' pockets as it is, or as a trinket.

  • Silver Dime

    Well, in fact, it can not only be a dime, but any different silver coin as well, which is supposed to protect the gambler from bad luck, if carried by him/her to the casino.

  • Lucky Pyrite

    A piece of iron ore, which attracts luck, if put in the pocket and carried to the casino.

  • Nutmeg

    Whatever origins of this superstition are, nutmeg is really famous for its being able to return luck to those, having frightened it off.

  • Number 7

    As long as number "7" is known to bring luck, even a picture of it, carried by the gambler, is believed to increase his/her winnings.

  • Lucky Herbs

    As for these lucky charms, they are considered truly beneficial for gamblers, and comprise four-leaf clover (usually kept in one's wallet), or five-finger grass. Besides, these special herbs are frequently included in versatile gambling rites.

Unique Work Better

Obviously, the above-described lucky charms don't include the whole checklist, which also contains special soap (to clean hands and make them lucky), cinnamon chips, or even lucky books, taken by gamblers to the casino. Nevertheless, it's always better to figure out one's particular lucky mojo, which will be much more useful in such a case.

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