Lucky Spells - Bewitching Luck

It's rather the common knowledge that all gamblers are willing to increase their chances to win to the largest possible extent. It all, actually, begins from the very first steps in playing versatile games, like blackjack, or roulette, for instance, when one realizes that even if his/her personal skills and luck are insufficient at the moment, something can be done to improve both aspects. This consequently leads to the appearance of various gambling superstitions, according to which, the winnings can be increased, whenever it's necessary.

Exclusiveness is Important

Notably, lucky spells are one of the most significant dimensions, regarding the notion of casino luck. Being generally recognized as completely unique for everyone, these are so numerous, that one will definitely fail in counting them all. That's so, as several considerable winnings are enough to recollect in one's memory the last words, which one had uttered, before the previous successful game started, and further consider them to be lucky.

Nevertheless, unlike most popular lucky charms, which are equally spread among gamblers from around the world, there can hardly be defined the so-called common lucky spells, which will suit everybody. The only exception is probably represented by prayers, addressed to the forces of the universe or God, although even these can only be used in case, if a person considers him/herself to be religious enough.

Similarities Noticed

At the same time, despite the fact that the vast majority of lucky spells have already been named as absolutely exclusive notions, there might be distinguished some particular tendencies in what is frequently chosen as the gambler's particular lucky spell. These happen to comprise the following ones:

  • Lucky song lyrics

    It's normal for people to sing their favourite songs quietly during the process of gambling just for fun. Here, once such a private performance was accompanied with one's large winnings, this song's lyrics often start being considered a kind of a lucky spell for the player.

  • Lucky poems

    Although being rather rare in usage, some gamblers, who are fond of poetry, or write poems themselves, may find it lucky to recite their favourite verse both loudly and to themselves.

  • Lucky Sounds

    In addition to the known "Ah!", "Oh!" or "WOW!", some unclear sounds, like "psshh" may be considered lucky by gamblers, whose previous winning experience came to together with the utterance of such rigmarole.

All things considered, despite the fact lucky spells can barely guarantee one's inconceivable profits, they might be exciting to try, especially is a particular player has found his/her personal lucky phrase, song or prayer to utter.

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