Optimism Strategy - Perspectives Brighten

Happiness is Achievable

Undoubtedly, there are hardly a great number of people in the world, who are absolutely satisfied with their lives and feel completely happy. Well, in fact, nobody can feel happy all the time, as it's the human mind, which can only define pleasure and joy, for instance, through negative emotions as anger, sadness, or disappointment by means of comparing the internal feelings.

No matter if it's good, or bad, it's frequently hard for a person in grief to think of something pleasant. Nevertheless, scientific research proves that turning our thoughts to positive things, either related to our past, or to the present and future, turns out unbelievably beneficial, as it really lifts our mood and the approach to life.

Stressful Gambling

As far as the gamblers are concerned, they're lives are full of stress to a much greater extent, in comparison with average people. Here, although the playing process is unbelievably exciting and entertaining, it's also accompanied with worries about what the game's result will be, whether one will win, or lose. In this respect, it's even more complicated for them to apply the optimism strategy, while playing; still the latter appears to be even more advantageous.

In particular, it's much due to the optimism strategy, used by a player, which not only makes him/her calmer and, consequently, more concentrated on the game, but also saves thousands of his/her nerve cells, acting as a way of fixing luck. Thus, even if a few bets happen to lose, it's far easier for a person to pull him/herself together and keep his/her mood uplifted.

One of the simplest procedures within optimism strategy is very much similar to affirmative thinking approach and may be realized in following steps:

  1. Before going to a casino, or entering an internet gambling site, one should think of something positive from his/her past or the present, or just watch a funny movie.

  2. Before making the first bets, one should try figure out the worst possible outcome of the game and realize that it won't make him/her miserable, just because the ultimate goal is to have fun, not to win a fortune.

    NB! It's crucial to figure out in advance, how much money one is ready to spend, not to starve until he/she receives the next salary, for instance.

  3. Even if all of one's bets have lost, it's better to take a break, go drink a cup of coffee, and recollect one of the best episodes from one's life, connected with his/her family, or friends, or simply the previous vacation, especially concentrating one's attention on the feelings of happiness and joy, which he/she used to experience at that very moment.

    In such a way, a person will acknowledge, that there're things, which are much more important, than those previous bets.

  4. Having encouraged oneself, a player is ready to either continue gambling in a good mood, or return home, still without a feeling of frustration inside.

In a nutshell, optimism strategy is now recognized one of the most advantageous psychological techniques, which is likewise important for gamblers and the average people. Therefore, even if a player is a complete cynic and doesn't believe in "crazy psychiatric stuff" and "stupid gambling superstitions", he/she should at least try it once, or twice, just because of being inquisitive. What if it will work?

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