Roulette Secrets- The Wheel's Magic

Among other casino games, Ruletti77 has definitely been associated with the greatest number of mysteries, having been developed since the very first years of the game's history. Therefore, a number of famous legends, concerning different wheel-variations, is also impressive, the appearance of some of which dates back to the previous centuries.

Generally speaking, it's quite obvious that the reasons, which predetermine the creation of most popular roulette secrets and superstitions, remain the same as in case with the common gambling superstitions, and, apparently, have a gambler's unbearable desire to win as a strong driving force.

Notably, the most famous roulette secrets and superstitions are known to comprise the following ones:

  • Lucky-Number Winning Strategy

    Believing in the fact that betting on a particular so-called "Lucky Number" will help one increase his/her winnings, is one of the most common, and yet not working roulette secrets.

    In this respect, it doesn't only concern the permanent lucky number of a gambler, but a so-to-say random lucky number, e.g. the number, first noticed by the person, when he/she reaches the roulette table. Anyway, both cases are equal, regarding their being absolutely unproved as a winning strategy, due to the fact that all roulette variations certainly belong to the games of chance.

  • Trend Winning Strategy

    Believing in trends seems to be one of the most reasonable strategies, and yet is considered to be one of roulette secrets, as it has never been proved to work in all cases.

    It may, for instance, presuppose an idea, that in case if any Red number has won for 5 times in a row, the Black number should win next.

  • Roulette is a Devil Game

    This roulette superstition is based on the fact that a total value of numbers on the table is 666, which is believed to be the Devil number. Therefore, many gamblers still associate the game with something vicious in its entity.

  • Lucky Spells

    As in any other game alternation, roulette secrets and superstitions contain a number of so-called lucky spells, which are supposed to make one's bets win more often by means of casting the wheel.

A Mirage or Reality?

All things considered, it's truly logical that most people are trying to figure out, how to beat the casino, and roulette secrets and superstitions, in this respect, appear to be a useful way to achieve it. Nevertheless, they hardly ever prove to fit all the cases, so aren't included in the list of roulette tips, advised to follow in order to win.

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