Slot Machine Secrets - Tempting, but Disappointing

Changes Influence

Undoubtedly, regarding the latest stages of the casino industry development, it's the slot machines, which have endured the greatest number of changes and modifications. This is, probably, why, the gambling game is nowadays believed to be accompanied with a variety of different slot superstitions and myths, which even if resemble the actual truth, are still worthless, as far as the outcome of the game is regarded.

Unfortunately, much due to the constantly increasing popularity of online gambling, the amount of relevant slot machine secrets, aka myths, as well as blackjack myths, for instance, is also growing, which may, consequently, lead to the players' further disappointment, especially if having done all the necessary rituals and procedures, they continue losing.

Awareness is Strength

In this respect, awareness appears to be the key to being a reasonable gambler, so most beginners are usually advised to scoop through the most famous slot machine secrets, or myths to avoid frustration and the loss of money, of course.

Notably, some of the widely-spread slot machine secrets comprise the following ones:

  • If the jackpot has just been hit, the slot is "cold", so no large payoffs are possible.

    BUT as all the slot variations work on the basis of the Random Number Generator (RNG), the result of the next spins isn't influenced by the time, when the previous jackpot was hit.

  • If the certain slot hasn't been played for a long time, it becomes "hot", so the jackpot is more probable.

    BUT, again much due to essence of RNG, the notion of "hot slots" sounds crazy. No matter at which moment one is starting to play a certain machine, his/her chances to win are practically the same.

  • Playing slots will club cards is less beneficial for gamblers.

    BUT it can even be more advantageous to use club cards, while playing. That's so as the membership in particular slot admirers' clubs even presupposes various bonuses for players, whereas the slot itself doesn't care, if one is playing with tokens (coins) or club cards.

  • Casinos can award loyal players by means of providing them with additional opportunities to hit the jackpot.

    BUT, it doesn't depend on the casino operators, whether one will win the jackpot, or not, it, on the contrary, depends on RNG only.

  • Following special rites before or during the playing process may make the gambler rich.

    BUT despite the fact that among other slot machine secrets and myths, this one, apparently, sounds trustworthy, none of the known gambling rites guarantees the player's winnings, and if any of them seem to work, it's just a coincidence.

Always Have Fun

All things considered, it is rather important to remember that playing slots should be, first of all, exciting and entertaining. Therefore, one of the useful suggestions for gamblers is not to let any of the slot machine secrets and myths prevent them from getting positive emotions during the gaming process.

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