Slot Superstitions - Machines Subdued

Along with the development of world's gambling industry, there have also been established an unbelievable array of relative superstitions, which were expected to increase one's chances to win.

Of course, all gambling games comprise some rituals and charms, which are believed to be lucky, but the number of blackjack secrets, for example, can't even be compared to that of slot superstitions, some of which sound so bizarre, that it's truly hard to imagine that there hardly exists a single gambler, believing in them. The reasons for such discrepancy, apparently, lie in the recent growth of popularity of slots, and the creation of their brand-new variations, as well.

What Can Be Considered

The most popular slot superstitions are famous to contain the following ones:

  • Tokens
    1. If one warms up the tokens (coins) before putting them into a slot, his/her chances to win increase.
    2. If one puts tokens (coins) into a slot very-very slowly, his/her chances to win grow.
  • Slot machines
    1. If one kicks the slot machine, the possibility to win will swells.
    2. If one talks to the slot machine, his/her chances to win grow.
    3. If one makes a cross-sign before the slot machine, his/her chances to win increase.
    4. If one talks to the slot machine, he/she receives more opportunities to win.
  • Special lucky charms

    If one puts one of his/her lucky charms on to the slot, he/she is supposed to win.

  • Special rites

    If one conducts one of the special gambling rites before playing the slot, he/she is believed to win. These may comprise the following:

    1. To wear the same clothing, supposed to bring luck, is, preferably, "lucky-coloured" as well.
    2. To smoke all cigarettes, except for the menthol-type, while playing the slot.
    3. To chew all food, but not chewing-gum, while playing the slot.
    4. To play slots on "lucky-days" only.

Don't Overdo It

Of course, the list of the above-described slot superstitions isn't complete, and each gambler, probably, has some secret ritual of his/her own, which, according to his/her beliefs, increases the chances to win much more money, when playing slots. Nevertheless, everyone, having decided to play this game, is usually advised not to fully concentrate on the related superstitions, as all the spells, charms or rites frequently fail to work.

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