Visualization Strategy - Imagination Breeds Affluence

On a way to successful gambling, most players apply versatile techniques and strategies to improve their luck and personal approach to the gaming process with a general aim to increase profits.

As for nowadays, these, actually, include not only the world-famous lucky spells and charms, which although remain popular, are no longer considered as beneficial as they used to, but also the brand-new methods of attracting one's luck by means of using numerology, astrology and, of course, psychology.

Psychology Reaches the Top

As for the latter, psychology has already proven to be as much connected with the notion of luck, as other sciences, but unlike numerology, for instance, it possesses one important advantage, due to which has lately become incredibly famous among the gamblers around the world. This benefit lies in the fact that whereas in astrology, or gambling numerology luck can rarely be changed, and is mostly dependent on one's date of birth, or name, psychological approach presupposes one's ability to alter his way of thinking and in such a way affect the outcome of the game, or at least his/her attitude to it.

Imagining the Future

Along with affirmative thinking technique, which is generally suggested to try, if a person is willing to win more, the so-called visualization strategy appears even more useful. Its essence lies in the fact that the process of visualization of certain events, which are wished to happen, somehow transforms one's future in accordance with these mental models.

In this respect, as long as the gambler is dreaming about inconceivable profits, he/she should imagine the situation, when he/she has already got them. Notably, visualization strategy isn't at all simple, as any model of the future should be as precise as possible; otherwise, the universe won't have a clue of how to help the player. Therefore, one should consider all the minute details, trifles and peculiarities of the imagined situation, create it bright and colourful.

Generally speaking, the essential tips of what to include in one's model of the desired future within visualization strategy are the following:

  • Space

    If one is playing in a casino, he/she should recreate the whole gambling area in his/her imagination from the exact place at the table, where he/she is sitting.

    If a person is gambling online, he/she should clearly imagine the particular gaming site's interface.

  • Colours

    In visualization strategy it's usually advised to imagine the situation in bright colours, associated with joy and happiness. The light should better be intense as well.

  • The Exact Event

    Likewise as in optimism strategy, one needs to precisely describe the winning situation in mind, especially if it concerns hitting the jackpot. In particular, if one is playing slots, for instance, he/she should imagine, how the winning combination appears on the screen, what sound effects it's accompanied with, and, of course, all the details of the player's reaction: shouting, gestures, even the feeling of happiness.

    NB! It's vital to create the model of the future at least up to the moment, when one is putting cash in his/her pockets, or better, a secure suitcase, otherwise, the situation might end in various ways, some of which may not include the receipt of winnings.

All things considered, it's absolutely obvious, that even if the visualization strategy isn't working in all cases, the procedure of imagining one's happy future is unbelievably exciting, so why not to give it a shot?

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